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In Praise of the Fair Weather Fan

It’s no surprise that sports is a field where we encounter moralistic scolding, because sports are a part of life, and moralistic scolds are a fact of life. Examples from the media are well-known. Tut-tutting about professionalism and respect for … Continue reading

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Zolltan World Cup Non-prediction Special

The World Cup is my favourite sporting event, even though many of the soccer matches are huge disappointments. Part of it is the kind of exotic nature. Back in Seattle during the 2010 World Cup, I would occasionally wake up … Continue reading

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As the streets fill with blood the Canucks have started the season 3-3

Academics often have silly games about what incongruous thing they can get into print, resulting in things like penguin diagrams and the boojum. Well, all of that is child’s play compared to the work of one Phil Mushnick who manages … Continue reading

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Yuniesky Betancourt

More of me whining in the style of this post. I occasionally get people’s names stuck in my head like other people get songs. This is actually way more annoying than songs, because while music is made with aesthetic pleasure … Continue reading

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Ramosu and me (and Kenny MacAulay)

The lockout has driven hockey bloggers batty looking for things to talk about, and thus Chris Lund wonders whether the IIHF should impose stricter citizenship requirements, given that the Croatian National Team has a guy from Halifax named Kenny MacAulay … Continue reading

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Now I See

Dale: You ever dealt with a drug dealer? It’s terrible, it’s weird, it’s awkward. They think they’re your friend, but they’re not. Radio Personality: Dale, I get your point. Thanks for your input. Next caller, please. –Quote from Pineapple Express At … Continue reading

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Ron Francis will have his revenge on Seattle

This week, Seattle news outlets have been abuzz with a proposal for a new arena that would bring an NBA and NHL franchise to the city. Although I personally haven’t met or talked to anyone who was excited about this, … Continue reading

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