Ron Francis will have his revenge on Seattle

The "(N)one of us (B)asically (C)are about hockey" sign didn't make it into the shot

This week, Seattle news outlets have been abuzz with a proposal for a new arena that would bring an NBA and NHL franchise to the city. Although I personally haven’t met or talked to anyone who was excited about this, it is probable that that’s because I’m kinda out of touch and don’t know a lot of native Seattleites. Seattle was robbed of the Sonics, and a return of the NBA would help get rid of some of that bitterness.  At the same time people in the hockey world seem to think that Seattle would be an okay place for hockey because it’s relatively far north or something. On the other hand, as far as I know, the city of Seattle proper doesn’t have a single ice rink, which I think can be used as an indication of how popular ice sports are. Today I went to the Wingmaster (by internet and in-person accounts, the place 2nd most likely to be showing hockey in Seattle) to see if they had the Canucks-Oilers game on TV, and of the seven TVs in the bar, seven were showing basketball of some kind (none involving Seattle teams), and zero hockey. “Seattle’s” hockey team, the Thunderbirds, play in Kent, 20 miles outside of town, and are about as relevant to Seattle life as the Abbotsford Heat are to Vancouver’s (in fact, possibly less so: I’ve had at least two conversations involving the Heat, and none about the T-birds). What may seem obvious, that is, getting an NBA franchise to move here and not trying for the NHL, appears not to be an option for financing reasons. Whether overall, the city’s desire for an NBA franchise outweighs their lack of desire for an NHL team and this gets done or not, I don’t know, but I have a bad feeling about this.

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