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On Tanking, Part II: Tanking Might Not Even Work

Previously, we discussed that tanking was happening, and that it shouldn’t be. I was going to lay out the different ways tanking could be curtailed in a continuation of this set of posts. Sadly, I was scooped on this by Down Goes … Continue reading

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Advice on Buying a Car in the US and Importing it into Canada

When we started this blog years ago, we had hopes that it would be useful to somebody as well as entertaining for ourselves. It has been entertaining for me, but I don’t think I really wrote anything that would be of … Continue reading

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Songbook of Days: UN English Language Day I

Today, the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, is also UN English Language Day. To celebrate, I wanted to link to songs by some songwriters where I appreciate the use of the English language. But there are a lot of such songs. … Continue reading

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Zuuko Makes His Triumphant Return To Blogging

hello everyone. It’s been a while…

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I realize you can get a slightly better version of the same joke in Russian without even having to change a letter, but still… A secret flan The man with the flan Time for flan “B” It’s all a part … Continue reading

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Prediction Special: 2015 NHL Playoffs

My favourite job on this blog is predicting things, and although I’ve had fun going through the brackets of nuclear bomb threats, resolutions of the Fermi paradox and the like, sometimes we have to turn our attention to matters of … Continue reading

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Transit Referendum Part II: Development Politics in Vancouver

A lot of people, for various reasons, are not planning to vote “yes” in the Vancouver transit referendum. I don’t agree with a lot of their reasoning (See Part I). But there is another thing happening here that’s probably even … Continue reading

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