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Zolltan arbitrates Great Man vs. Everyman

Last time Zuuko came to visit me, he explained why he doesn’t have much to say for the blog anymore. He’s come to realize more and more that the world’s path depends on the specific actions, quirks and foibles of … Continue reading

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Reading List

It used to be the case that blogs put up “blogrolls” but for some reason that has fallen out of fashion. I wanted to do that in post form to just document where I get my information and opinions. While … Continue reading

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Introducing the Phrasebook Project

Now seems as good a time to mention as any that I have another blog. It’s called the phrasebook project, and you can find it here. Having another blog may seem like a dumb idea considering I don’t even have … Continue reading

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Millard Fillmore: Spam Magnet

My post on how Millard Fillmore is the dumbest President of the US has been, for over a month now, like a bare 100 W lightbulb to moths of spammers. For some reason spam comments that the WordPress Akismet filter … Continue reading

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Programming Note

Zuuko and I are pleased to welcome three new potential contributors to this blog. I don’t know what, if anything, they’ll want to write about (not Calgary, I hope), but let me introduce you to them anyway (and maybe in … Continue reading

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All this can be yours

For the past year and a bit, Zuuko and I have been running this blog, and I must say it’s been pretty fun. We got linked to by a real blog at one point. We called James Altucher mean names … Continue reading

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