Programming Note

Zuuko and I are pleased to welcome three new potential contributors to this blog. I don’t know what, if anything, they’ll want to write about (not Calgary, I hope), but let me introduce you to them anyway (and maybe in this way encourage them to post). Like I said, I don’t know what posts they’ll make. But I will guess, based on what they know a lot about and what I’ve talked to them about.

Z. (provisional nickname Zephyrous) is a psychology PhD student doing research on autism spectrum disorders. Zephyrous might also talk about childhood development, music, societal attitudes and food. With the addition of Zephyrous, the blog no longer has an undivided opinion on the question of whether The Head and The Heart are really annoying, although the answer is obviously yes.

Z. (provisonal nickname Zeefah) works in law andunderstands how the Canadian government works. Zeefah might also be interested in foreign policy, baseball, hip-hop and americana. But don’t get Zeefah started on the rules and norms of playing Scrabble. This isn’t one of those “ha ha” things where I’m being sarcastic. Don’t do it. Better not mention Scrabble at all, actually.

Z. (provisional nickname Zig) works at Google. Apart from his industry-mandated enthusiasm for certain IT products and the interface between humans and computers, Zig might be interested in music, medical and biological ethics, and possibly the crazy stuff Ray Kurzweil talks about.

I’m pretty sure all three are Canucks fans as well. Welcome, people!

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