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Irish-Tinged Memories

Because its Saturday, I’ve turned off the alarm clock. I will wake up when I feel the sunlight streaming through my window. I will probably spend another half hour in half-conscious semi-dreams. One of my favourite things in life is … Continue reading

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Hoping Mulcair Wins NDP

History will judge Stephen Harper’s minority governments harshly I believe. He could yet wind up with a majority, depending on the way these vote splits go. He could yet be a great Prime Minister, with a majority at hand. I … Continue reading

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What part of global warming are global warming denialists denying?

The Tennessee senate passed a “Teach the Controversy” bill  for evolution and climate change. This is bad news, etc. etc., but something that puzzled me about this is how evolution and climate change are treated as if they were controversial … Continue reading

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The Occidental Tourist

Because of a mechanical malfunction, the morning bus was cancelled. There’s nothing to do but wait for the next one, which doesn’t leave for three hours. The train station coffeeshop is, as tradition dictates, full of bathroom stall jokes and … Continue reading

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Dangerovich is my patronymic

So this weekend I was out for a bike ride with some friends of mine and we stopped by a bike shop. And the guy at the bike shop told us that we should be wearing helmets. He said, “if … Continue reading

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Regionalism in sport is a good thing

I notice that someone today reached this blog while googling “in defence of Don Cherry.” Although I’m happy someone read my jokey post, I would be remiss in my duties as blog proprietor if I were not looking to help … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh, Peter Kent, and the culture war-ification of everything

This is another post about US politics. Lately I’ve had some posts about US politics that weren’t very good (came off bitter/concern-trolly and not at all illuminating) so if you have suggestions for improvement, let me know. The other thing … Continue reading

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