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Stop The BS

As the streets continue to fill with blood, the important question on everyone’s minds is is the apocalypse scheduled for Oct 17 when the US is expected to hit its debt ceiling? Because the answer is a strong maybe, I … Continue reading

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When Will the World Get Interesting?

*For the purposes of this blog that is… the world is pretty interesting. Probably too interesting. My almost-total absence from this blog in the last 6 months is entirely because I’m very close to finishing a milestone in a little … Continue reading

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Came with Cap in Hand; Got Capped In the Ass Instead

This past week’s headlines reminds me of olden times… golden times… banker times… bonuses… entitlements… Psych! Not really. I’d shoot myself before going back to banking. The only thing attractive about banking is the money and promotion (which means more … Continue reading

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Listen Here

I posted on the financial transaction tax (FTT) being a stupid idea┬álast year, after reading this article in the Economist, which laid out what FTT was about but didn’t offer the opinion that it was stupid. In the comments to … Continue reading

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The problem with macro-econ is that experiment isn’t advancing enough

In the spirit of I will now offer uninformed opinions about what is wrong with macro-econ out of the blue. The author of Unlearning Economics (whom, since I don’t know who they are, I will henceforth call UE) thinks … Continue reading

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Theft by Mother (Country)

Today’s shocking announcement that Bank of Canada governor, Mark Carney, has been poached by the Bank of England is an earthquake in global financial circles. Its unprecedented on several levels: a foreigner has been named to head a major central … Continue reading

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Romney Is Not Who You Think He Is

Taking a gander through the internet after Romney’s disastrous 10-days, a consensus seems to be emerging that Romney is a vaguely Monty Burns-type character. Even Jon Stewart satirized him that way. I humbly disagree. He is, as I have maintained … Continue reading

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