Romney Is Not Who You Think He Is

Taking a gander through the internet after Romney’s disastrous 10-days, a consensus seems to be emerging that Romney is a vaguely Monty Burns-type character. Even Jon Stewart satirized him that way.

I humbly disagree. He is, as I have maintained before, Principal Skinner.

The now-infamous 47% comment should be interpreted much like Skinner in the opening scene wherein he accidentally calls women’s intelligence into question in an alarming moment of candor.

The second scene involved a much needed intervention from Superintendent Chalmers screaming at Skinner to get his shit together, while the hordes are demonstrating outside his office. I have not yet figured out if the conservative punditry that has decisively turned on Romney (BrooksNoonan, et al) are playing the part of Chalmers or the screaming horde outside. Time will tell.

The third scene has yet to play out in this election where, in a do-or-die confrontation before the entire town, Skinner steps out from behind the podium in women’s clothing in a completely misguided attempt to sympathize with those he offended in a spectacular act of self-immolation. I’m guessing, assuming Romney is fully intending to carry out his live-action artistic impersonation of Skinner, his third scene will be in the form of some kind of hail-mary pass where Romney proposes something so outlandish that the resulting fall-out boomerangs back on his candidacy, completely torching it in the process. This will probably happen at one of the debates or in some kind of “major speech that once again reboots Romney.”


From my same post referenced above:

“…it seems as if Romney is agreeing with who ever happens to be listening at the time on every issue. He’s studied, examined, surveyed, polled and focus-grouped his responses to every audience in every different city.”

I do believe the above is the best explanation for his rather staggering 47% comment. He was telling that particular audience what they wanted to hear. The comments about Romney that strike a chord are those about his in-authenticity, his willingness to tell his audience what they want to hear and his seeming desire to broaden his appeal to Latino voters by appearing “in brownface” on Univision (I’m shitting you not on the last one; see the pic below over three days).


Speaking as a right-of-centre asshole who comes across private equity MOTUs with regular frequency, my view on the root causes of the problem with Romney start with the fact that he is a right-of-centre asshole with a career in private equity. But that’s a post for another day.


I can’t wait to see the show.

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5 Responses to Romney Is Not Who You Think He Is

  1. zolltan says:

    I agree. I think the reason you don’t see people say this is that “oh come on, you don’t actually expect him to believe the stuff he says!” is really weak as a Repub defense line if they were to attempt a defense. And Dems have more to gain by going against a Romney who doesn’t give a shit about half the country than a Romney who’s just convictionless.

    All the same, here is Jon Chait making a pretty good counterargument that it’s not really a pander, namely that the 47% response is something the person who asked the question clearly didn’t want to hear, so it were a pander, it’d be a really shitty one.

    • Zuuko says:

      At this point, Romney is like at an Inception-level of political stupidity. Like was he stupid on purpose or or is he actually stupid? Or if you break down into small bite-sized pieces his stupidity, he may make comments with some lucidity but the deeper meaning behind them is more stupidity?

  2. zolltan says:

    By the way, the internet seems way more assured in Romney’s failure than I am at this point. He still has a pretty good chance of winning, people. I mean, it’s below 50-50, but still.

    • Zuuko says:

      that feeling you feel goes back to my old post too. Romney can still win but if Obama fucks up. There’s still ample time for that to happen. Debates could be pivotal. Who knows…

      You know that old saying right before a battle about when your position is too strong for the enemy that you can’t lose… that’s always a bad sign.

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