An Open Letter to Darek Mazzone

(If there’s one thing I learned from running this blog, it’s “relatively well-known people google themselves, too” and so I think it is time to use this knowledge for good)

Hi Darek!

First off, I want to say that I’m a big fan of your radio show on KEXP,  and thank you for it. Thanks especially for introducing me to Turkish psych-rock, to Googoosh and for always playing so much quality Brazilian music. Nevertheless, today I am writing to complain! Specifically that from Russian music, you seem to play almost exclusively Mumiy Troll and Zemfira. Not that you shouldn’t play these, but there is much more to Russian music.

You could play some traditional-influenced music: Starostin and coworkersInna Zhelannaya; Soviet non-state sponsored rock: Nol’Akvarium, Zvuki Mu; Siberian suicidal lo-fi: Yanka DiaghilevaEgor Letov; Bard music, whether 90’s or 60’s: Venya D’rkinVladimir VysotskyNovella Matveyeva; There is some excellent russian rap:  Noize MCKrovostokNogganoKunteynir; Jazz-rock kinda: Auktyon, Billy’s Band, Vezhlivyj otkaz; Pop or electronics: KDIMBNII KosmetikiDolphin. You could even play shanson, much as I hate the style, wait, actually on second thought, don’t do that. And, well, if you must play some more Russian pop-rock, consider in addition: FlёurObe DveChizh & Co.Spleen, etc., etc.

Respectfully yours,


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2 Responses to An Open Letter to Darek Mazzone

  1. Zuuko says:

    Does he play indian music cuz I could recommend good shit?

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