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Songbook of Cities: Vancouver, BC

I’m looking forward to going back to Vancouver for the holidays / an as-yet undetermined amount of time, so I thought I’d make a playlist. There are many different kinds of Vancouver, of course, and this playlist is going to … Continue reading

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Moscow Metro Song

In the most Russian intelligentsia cliché act of my life, I translated an Okudzhava song. In my metro I never feel too crowded ‘Cause there’s always something like a song about it Where for the chorus we would write Pass … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize

Should Bob Dylan Have Won the Nobel Prize in Literature?   No.

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Songbook of Days: Cosmonautics Day

Okay, not all holidays are made up holidays. There’s also Cosmonautics Day. You can listen to audio recordings of Gagarin on this day 55 years ago, thanks to Yandex’s homepage today. Then you can listen to an Italian pop number about … Continue reading

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Songbook of Days: Sibling Day

So what if it’s a made-up holiday? All holidays are made-up holidays. Аквариум – Сестра Sufjan Stevens – Sister Winter The Organ – Brother Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms Belle and Sebastian – I Don’t Love Anyone Jorge Ben … Continue reading

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Morrissey, Explained

Everyone knows and loves musical genius Morrissey, former singer of seminal English band The Smiths. But what animates him, what does he care about? Few of us know, because his lyrics are often so cryptic and vague. For instance, fellow … Continue reading

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My 10 favourite Brazilian music albums

When people ask me what music I like, I used to say “uh, I dunno?” and then I used to say “everything”. But while both of those are true, they’re not very illuminating nor fodder for further conversation. So now … Continue reading

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