The song I’ve listened to most in my life is probably Berimbau. At least, last fm seems to think so. I remember a time in 2006 where I would basically listen to it non-stop. One of the proudest moments in my life was hearing Nikita and Anna sing the song with my onomatopoeia-based English lyrics. Here are those lyrics:

Who in homage to man won’t try
To be kind and to care and then
He is constantly asking why
Without knowing the where and when
He will enter and see no sight
He is blind to the morning gem
All his life is regret and doubt
And the trouble that follows them
Capoeira won’t lose a fight
But some things you cannot defend

Capoeira let me know
And I know I should go
Should go so very far

Berimbau made me go
Why take it any more?
New days will come around

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One Response to Berimbau

  1. Mila says:

    А нельзя записать, как они ее поют?

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