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Zolltan arbitrates Great Man vs. Everyman

Last time Zuuko came to visit me, he explained why he doesn’t have much to say for the blog anymore. He’s come to realize more and more that the world’s path depends on the specific actions, quirks and foibles of … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Identities

There are our opinions, there are things that describe us as people, and then there are our identities. I think a large part of the modern social justice movement and reactions to it are about moving personal opinions and descriptions … Continue reading

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Elke dag gaat alles beter ook al gaat het niet zo goed

Reacting to the killings of Sterling and Castile and then the Dallas police sniper, Jon Chait writes to reassure us that the country is not falling apart at the seams, and in fact is slowly addressing the issue of mutual … Continue reading

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I come not to bury self-care but to praise it.

T. sent me this article recently, and I was greatly annoyed by it, even though I agreed with it, basically. The gist of the article is something that I think is completely correct: that self-care is good as a means, … Continue reading

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