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Time waits for no man (or woman)

On the weekend, K. told me that there’s a finding that older fathers are correlated with higher autism preference. Here is what sorely missed ex-Strangerite and purveyor-of-exactly-the-right-amount-of-fart-jokes Lindy West says about this. Although Lindy West is usually right about stuff, … Continue reading

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The Lure of the Infinite

In “Things you probably didn’t know were happening but now realise you kind of secretly hoped,” I just read a report (from 2011) by Michael Idov on Ilya Khrzhanovsky’s movie about Landau. In searching for ’50s Soviet Union authenticity, Khrzhanovsky … Continue reading

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Most Recent Common Ancestor *Updated*

Today, thanks to S., I read an absolutely fascinating post on linguistic diversity in pre-historic Europe that I’m sure will be worth reading to some of you. To get you excited about it, here is just one idea I learned … Continue reading

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Mighty brave, zolltan, being in favour of something everyone agrees about anyway

I was reading this article (thanks to A.) about a transgendered man’s thoughts on getting into science as a girl, and I noticed that a lot of the examples were from things that happened way before she became a researcher … Continue reading

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Down (-wards on the map from) and Out (-side) of Paris and London

Blog traffic has been flagging lately, so we must not be writing anything that is interesting to people. The things that people on WordPress seem to like most are inspirational tales of hardships overcome and reinforcements of the mantra to … Continue reading

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