Time waits for no man (or woman)

On the weekend, K. told me that there’s a finding that older fathers are correlated with higher autism preference. Here is what sorely missed ex-Strangerite and purveyor-of-exactly-the-right-amount-of-fart-jokes Lindy West says about this. Although Lindy West is usually right about stuff, and funny – even this article is funny – I think her viewpoint on the finding is basically not only incorrect but kind of evil.

I think I get what West is going for here: maybe now that there’s a “male biological clock” (note: there’s always been a male biological clock, called a clock, seeing as at the end of some amount of living time men die), men will think twice about shoving the “female biological clock” in women’s faces (and other parts??) and women will get a respite from their age anxieties. But look: that doesn’t just automatically happen. For instance, I’ve read in many places that there is now more pressure on men to “look hot” and be well-groomed and so on, and an increasing objectification of male bodies. I dunno if that’s true or what. But suppose it is. Does that lessen the pressure to “look hot” on women? That requires people to be (a) super-compassionate and (b) in full control, not subject to the winds of societal trends nor to tradition. To notice that they dislike being objectified (assuming they do, although, say, Jeffrey Lewis doesn’t) and then stop doing it to women. But if (a) and (b) were satisfied, I don’t think there would be a bunch of female objectification to begin with. Or is it more likely that if a culture of objectification grows in general, it will grow for women as well, and make life worse for women? I think the latter.

This “male biological clock” news is kind of shitty news in that it is true, and kind of good news in that this was discovered so maybe we can now investigate it further and learn more about autism and how to deal with it. But the part that it exists, I think, will just increase the prevalence of “biological clock”-ism* making it shittier for men and women alike. Instead of women being less anxious about growing older, both men and women will be more anxious and less happy. I am against this. This goes together with my previously stated claim of “being a misogynist is terrible but it’s better to be a misogynist than just a dick to everyone”. A corollary of which is that people who “hate everyone equally” are assholes.

*Yes, I know that’s not a thing.

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