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Stop The BS

As the streets continue to fill with blood, the important question on everyone’s minds is is the apocalypse scheduled for Oct 17 when the US is expected to hit its debt ceiling? Because the answer is a strong maybe, I … Continue reading

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As the streets fill with blood the Canucks have started the season 3-3

Academics often have silly games about what incongruous thing they can get into print, resulting in things like penguin diagrams and the boojum. Well, all of that is child’s play compared to the work of one Phil Mushnick who manages … Continue reading

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Prediction Special: Fermi Paradox Resolution

My favourite posts that I’ve written for this blog have been prediction posts. Whether I looked to the NHL playoffs, Armageddon, or just your week, they are incredibly fun to write. And now a new NHL season is upon us, … Continue reading

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Yuniesky Betancourt

More of me whining in the style of this post. I occasionally get people’s names stuck in my head like other people get songs. This is actually way more annoying than songs, because while music is made with aesthetic pleasure … Continue reading

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