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Unnatural Nomenclatural II

I generally concur with this cartoon. It’s becoming increasingly intolerable to read some modern fiction. And so… This leads me to wonder about the possible solutions when the setting in a book is a real place, albiet a foreign one. … Continue reading

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Can the Canucks please get Yakupov somehow? Before being in Edmonton saps all the joy out of him? Please? I hear the Oilers need good goaltending.

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Poems to Blok

Apologies for this kind of thing, but I figure if Zuuko gets to do it, I do too. Two poems by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by me. (I) Your name — a bird to hold Your name — the tongue ice-cold A single … Continue reading

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Ten thousand things to do before death. Carrying burdens I wish I could sheathe. How do I catch my breath? Too much; I forget to breathe.

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Climate Hawks

It’s fair to say that while Zuuko and I have non-identical views and interpretations of politics and economics, I can see where he’s coming from in most instances where we disagree. There are two where I can’t: climate change and … Continue reading

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No one is an absolutist on gun control

 Guns, guns, guns, some are good, some are bad… Guns, guns, guns, buy them from a guy named Tad… Among the peculiarities of the Russian character, at least compared to the North American one, is the penchant for “The Russian … Continue reading

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Fire Gary Bettman Yesterday

Now that “Our long national nightmare is over, Norm” we finally can – and have to – ask the three eternal questions of the intelligentsia: what is to be done? who is to be blamed? and what is the score? … Continue reading

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