Fire Gary Bettman Yesterday

Now that “Our long national nightmare is over, Norm” we finally can – and have to – ask the three eternal questions of the intelligentsia: what is to be done? who is to be blamed? and what is the score? The answer to the second question is: Gary Bettman. The answer to the first is: fire Gary Bettman. For the third, check

Now, Gary Bettman is not a good commissioner. The three lockouts in less than 20 years and a full season missed speak for themselves. The players hate him, the fans despise him, and, damningly, even if for some bizarre reason you think the owners are in the right like Bill Simmons, you still end up coming to the conclusion that Gary Bettman is singularly terrible.

Jeff Blair at the Globe and Mail suggests that firing Bettman is a way for the NHL to show fans they care. We all suspect the NHL does not in fact care, and so they are unlikely to fire Bettman. And yet, a z-named blogger can hope…

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