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The importance of math for the trades

There’s a cynical joke that goes “School never taught me how to go about buying a car or a house or paying taxes. But boy am I glad I know … the pythagorean theorem!” I always disliked the joke, but … Continue reading

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Teaching Thoughts: Teaching is a service

Gonna start talking about what I learned from teaching with the biggest thing about teaching that I think people don’t always consider: it’s a service. I was actually just planning to link to Freddie de Boer’s essay on the topic, but … Continue reading

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Simone Weil v. Jarvis Cocker

Attention conservation notice: I take 1000 words to give you the “amazing revelation” that experience can teach you things. Then I bizarrely suggest that you should go be a dilettante hipster farmer. I finish off with a career announcement and … Continue reading

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If you prick us…

On Feb 8th ’17, Alexei Navalny, a nobody, with 0% chance of winning, but someone who stated that he will seek to be a candidate in next year’s Russian presidential election, has nevertheless, facing double jeopardy, been found guilty of embezzlement … Continue reading

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Trump Prediction Update

When zipppa wrote a post of Trump predictions, I laughed at the jokes. But last week, when McCain and Rubio indicated they would support Tillerson for State, thus totally killing Téa Leoni’s chances for that position, I really began to worry … Continue reading

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