Trump Prediction Update

When zipppa wrote a post of Trump predictions, I laughed at the jokes. But last week, when McCain and Rubio indicated they would support Tillerson for State, thus totally killing Téa Leoni’s chances for that position, I really began to worry what that meant for the matchup. And today, reading the Washington Post’s story on Trump’s conversations with the President of Mexico and PM of Australia, my worries increased where I got to this passage:

Trump told Peña Nieto in last Friday’s call, according to the Associated Press, which said it reviewed a transcript of part of the conversation, “You have a bunch of bad hombres down there. You aren’t doing enough to stop them. I think your military is scared. Our military isn’t, so I just might send them down to take care of it.”

Even in conversations marred by hostile exchanges, Trump manages to work in references to his election accomplishments. U.S. officials said that he used his calls with both Turnbull and Peña Nieto to mention his election win or the size of the crowd at his inauguration.

Honestly, I did think the Trump presidency would be this bad, but I really really didn’t think it would be this fucking stupid.

I think my issue was that I never listened to Trump for long periods of time, and, expecting some exaggeration from a pro-Clinton and sensation-seeking media, I figured Trump’s public pronouncements were “almost as stupid as the media makes them out to be” and not “an order of magnitude stupider”.

Would be more funny if it wasn’t so frightening and sad, etc. etc.

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One Response to Trump Prediction Update

  1. zipppa says:

    Threatening to send in the cavalry seems to be a theme… He’s proposed solution to crime in Chicago was similar. I think he thinks of it as the equivalent of threatening to sue (when you’re not president).
    Also it seems like if people, instead of protesting and voicing their discontent, wrote him letters of adoration, and staged huge rallies with signs “Trump greatest president ever”, he would become perfectly content, and no other actions would be undertaken…

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