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100 Poems

This is somewhat outside the purview of this blog in that it won’t interest those readers who aren’t my mom and dad, but I made a list of my 100 favourite poems in Russian. Strangely, only 12 poems overlap with … Continue reading

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I Wish

Zolltan’s previous post was one of those that made my brain hurt and now it’ll be a few days before I can come up with a reasonable facsimile of an acceptably intelligent comment for a post that deep. Instead, in … Continue reading

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A short note against fairness

I previously mentioned that a lot of what goes on in this blog from my side is tweaky complaints about arguments that I mostly agree with, and that the iconoclast spin on this is that it’s (however gingerly) defending the … Continue reading

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The poet’s apprentice

Слов моих сухие листья ли заставят остановиться, жадно дыша? –Mayakovsky This is something I wrote when I was 20 and found recently. I guess I was a romantic at the time One of the greatest things about poetry is its … Continue reading

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Hooray for Bure

On June 27th, Pavel Bure was finally (after 6 years of eligibility) elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame. This was more than deserved. Bure is the first inductee who spent most of his time in the NHL with Vancouver, … Continue reading

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Screw Pierre McGuire

I wish we could import some play-by-play guys from football to hockey. I’ve always had this idea in the back of my head. See the video for what it sounds like. The play-by-play on Jason Spezza’s goal is particularly spot … Continue reading

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zolltan continues to blather on about bike helmets

So Vancouver’s getting a new bikeshare program, which is fantastic news. It is especially fantastic news considering that one of the first things that set me against bike helmet laws is that they seemed to make it impossible to run … Continue reading

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