Now I See

Editor’s Note: Yes, the gentlemen above are representative of Zuuko’s actual physique

Dale: You ever dealt with a drug dealer? It’s terrible, it’s weird, it’s awkward. They think they’re your friend, but they’re not.

Radio Personality: Dale, I get your point. Thanks for your input. Next caller, please.

–Quote from Pineapple Express

At gyms, why do interactions with the guys selling memberships and personal trainers their services always remind me of interactions with drug dealers?


One of the symptoms of eye strain is unstable vision. One hour, I can read the numbers on a clock 5 feet away. Next hour, I can barely see the hands of the clock, let alone the numbers. Vision comes, vision goes.

For physical fitness, I box. Not that boxerize shit, but training and sparring with actual amateur boxers. I get schooled by the boxers in the club who compete. Last night, I took a deadly punch to the head. Literally, I had my bell rung. I could have sworn I heard a buzzer for a split second. My vision momentarily blurred.

That wasn’t the most disorienting part of the ordeal. I recovered from the punch itself in 30 seconds and shook it off. But, not only did the momentary blurriness go away, my vision cleared up for a solid two hours. When I stepped outside the gym after sparring, I could read a street sign 40 feet away.

That isn’t a good thing, right?


I will now refrain from making this post any longer for the sake of my eyes.

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