Songbook of days: Valentine’s

Since most good songs are about love one way or another, it would be too hard to pick just a few. So instead, I present to you… relationship arcs told through song!

The ABBA: desperately wanting the other person: Take a Chance on Me, getting together: Honey Honey, falling in love: Waterloo, relationship problems: S.O.S., breakup: Knowing Me, Knowing You, melodramatic post-breakup self-pity: The Winner Takes It All.

The Belle & Sebastian: All of the above, in the space of one song: Another Sunny Day.

The Pulp: suddenly love: F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E., infidelity: I Spy, breakup moping: Lipgloss, post-breakup moping: Death II, extended post-breakup moping leading to redemption: She’s a Lady.

The Roland Kirk: being in love: Creole Love Call, being more in love: I Love You Yes I Do, being in love and acting upon it!: Making Love After Hours, being in love some more: My Girl.

The very sweet pop-song (that isn’t by ABBA): infatuation: This Heart is a Stone, courtship: You Can’t Hurry Love, travelling together: Let’s Get Out Of This Country, lazy days: Sunday Morning, relationship problems: Hurting Each Other, splitting up: Go Your Own Way

The samba: sneaking out to meet: Crickets sing for Anamaria, crazy love: Mas que doidice, having to be apart: Mais um adeus, married life: Com açucar, com afeto, married routine: Cotidiano.

The hip-hop: being smitten: You Got Me, having to be apart: Riverbed Pt. 5, ups and downs of a relationship: Poetic Justice, fights and acting crazy: Devil in a New Dress, disillusionment: I Used to Love Him, being dumped: Dry Your Eyes Mate, acting like you were the one who ended it: Ex Girl to Next Girl.

The King Missile: lots of kinky sex, followed by death in a car crash: Gary & Melissa.

Happy Valentine’s!

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