Summer quotes from vzglyad

Back in summer, I wanted to write a post quoting translations from Russian media outlets to give an example of the totally different reality with respect to Ukraine that Russians have access to. Now, thankfully, talk of impending World War in Russian outlets has quieted down somewhat and that’s all to the good.

So maybe the correct thing to do is to let bygones be bygones. But, because reading it had caused me so much frustration, I still want to mention the Konstantin Rykov-founded, out of some kind of weird revenge more than anything. No other website I know combines having a serious, measured tone with opinions that are often completely demented. Here are three quotes from editorials written in one week this summer at Vzglyad:

“it can’t be doubted that one of the main American goals [in the Ukraine crisis] is regime change in Russia”

“Expert discussions of the Boeing crash will now consist of arguing over how many demons can fit on the head of a pin. Everything [i.e. that plane was downed by Ukrainians] is clear to everyone already, what remains is to invent a way to save the current US administration while avoiding worldwide war”

“Along with the kindling the Ukrainian flashpoint for a chaotic global war, the USA continues to support armed conflicts in Syria and Iraq, to destabilize the situation in the Near and Middle East, to prepare an incursion of talibs and Islamic fighters into Central Asia, to plan colour revolutions in Russia and other nations of the Eurasian integration, and to organize coups d’etat in Latin American countries that have come out from under its control”

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One Response to Summer quotes from vzglyad

  1. Мила says:

    Не знаю, как по части второй и третьей цитаты, но даже вполне, казалось бы, пристойные люди в России искренне верят в первую. Чудны дела твои, господи!

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