No Soup For You, Senators

Neither of these things has anything to do with each other. But I’m gonna do one post only and mish-mash the subjects into the title of the post. Screw you, reader expectations.


Sitting on a Board of a society chapter of The Finance-Related Designation of Choice, I run the Scholarship Program in which I have to hand out monies to students/recently graduated/in need of career change, i.e. people who are in the same position I was in at various points in the last 7 years. If any of the candidates were listening to my stream of consciousness as I reviewed their applications, they would have been horrified.

The first thing they would notice is that my thoughts are quite judgmental. Based on a 3-page application, I am sub-consciously or consciously… I mean half-consciously trying to create a caricature of the person.

Well, Mr. X, I see that you are struggling to make ends meet. Yes, the price of real estate has gone up. Thank god you bought your house when you did. Your wife is also studying part-time for a designation in her field? You don’t say… Most of my income is also spent on the daily necessities of life too.

Problem is Mr. X, there’s a fellow Mr. Y, who just landed in the country from Japan. He just graduated in finance but no one recognizes his degree in this country. He can’t attract a woman to be his wife because he lives in a studio basement and adopted a stray cat to keep him company. Unfortunately Mr. X, I think Mr. Y has more need than you. NO SOUP FOR YOU.

Before you call me a sadist, please understand a sense of humour is the only thing letting me process all these applications when I’ve been working non-stop for two months and the above stream of consciousness, while it did happen, was borne from an over-arching emotion of pity.

Pity is what I feel when I read these applications. Both for Mr. X and Mr. Y. While my caricature has made Mr. X seem like a presumptuous asshole, the reality of his application suggests a decent fellow struggling to make ends meet and trying to get himself to a place where he can support himself and his family better.

But I pity Mr. Y more.


This is why I watch hockey. It’s the only sport which can literally take my breath away.

Ovechkin vs. the Senators (Dec 7, 2011)


Will somebody please teach me how to embed video?

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  1. zolltan says:

    They say that you can only embed things from certain sites and not from others. They explain it here: and the links go thru it for each specific site that is embeddable.

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