Some songs, some comments

It was nice to work in a place where I got to use a radio. As a result, I got to say, and hear, 10-4 a lot. That always makes me want to listen to this:

Not until the Kings won the Stanley Cup and the Staples Center was mentioned a lot did I figure out that when Frank Ocean says “standing ovation at Staples,” he doesn’t mean a standing ovation at an actual Staples store. Somehow that would have been even more impressive in my mind.

This song is as good an explanation for several bizarre occurences in my homeland, and its politics, as any other

Say what you will, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best song on its chosen topic.

When walking down Richmond Street in Richmond, which I do surprisingly often, I would like to be listening to this:

or maybe to this:

Lastly, I asked this on Facebook, but no one answered me, so I will try here: is there anywhere where this is a normal pronunciation of Spanish double-r? Or is it just how José Larralde does it?

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