(Re)search results

Looking up “carpenters hurting each other” on youtube does NOT get you videos of people going at each other with planes and carpentry squares. Instead it’s just a sappy pop song. Sad…

Meanwhile, despite my fears, googling the particle physics result known as Furry’s Theorem* doesn’t lead to furries, but does for some reason find this picture of Krugman holding a kitten:

I thought only Bond villains did that

*Which is the result that invalidates certain rather aesthetically pleasing Feynman diagrams among them a photon decaying into two photons (see picture). Incidentally, I bet this theorem is named after Wendell Hinkle Furry, link in my Erdös chain and owner of the most fantastic name in academia this side of Reginald Crundle Punnett.

Furry says no!

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