I hate namedropping unless I’m doing it, in which case it’s cool.

In the spring of 2009 I was renting a room in T.’s house in the Wedgwood neighbourhood of Seattle. At the start of summer, I had to move because T.’s son-in-law Patrick was visiting, coming from Ghana for the summer with his family. So I moved  – this was the first, and very likely last, move I’ve made entirely by bicycle. I moved in for a couple of months with a bunch of people who lived in Wallingford. One of them was Bill, who was writing a short story about Kamchatka. Bill’s story, which you can read here, is narrated by a Russian, and he once told me having me around was helpful to him for getting a voice for how a Russian person would talk. Although he was probably just being nice. I thought that was the only connexion my move that summer had to the world at large, but now it turns out that Patrick has won a MacArthur genius grant. I’ve met Patrick a few times (he recommended some TED talks to me), but that’s about it. Still, I’d like to think me vacating a room for him and his family made his life easier, too. I’m ready to declare that I’m making the world a better place, one move at a time. Which is good, because I move around a lot.

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