If I Ruled the World… I mean Europe

Although Zolltan can’t seem to come up with post ideas because I don’t know… it’s that time of the month or whatever, I on the other hand can claim I’m on injured reserve. I thought eye strain was a physical complaint much like stress, i.e. a convenient excuse for the irresponsible. After symptoms like being able to see perfectly and then nothing 4 feet away in the space of hours or aching eyes (how can eyes even hurt?), fast forward to today where I’m in the middle of a three month mild form of vision therapy and being forced to limit the amount of hours I can spend in front of a screen. Seriously, like wtf?

Given my blogging will be limited pending recovery for the next month, I too am reduced to silence or making posts like this one where I can easily comment and blow my own … um… horn.


Taking a gander through my 7 posts on Europe (helpfully categorized under Euro-Debacle in the sidebar), I can’t help saying I told you so when I read the following article “The Choice” in the Economist, whose tagline is “A limited version of federalism is a less miserable solution than the break-up of the Euro.” I’m not going to bore you with lengthy excerpts and analysis thereof implying the next logical step is continental integration and taxation. I will just excerpt the first two paragraphs, which start the article:

WHAT will become of the European Union? One road leads to the full break-up of the euro, with all its economic and political repercussions. The other involves an unprecedented transfer of wealth across Europe’s borders and, in return, a corresponding surrender of sovereignty. Separate or superstate: those seem to be the alternatives now.

For two crisis-plagued years Europe’s leaders have run away from this choice. They say that they want to keep the euro intact—except, perhaps, for Greece. But northern European creditors, led by Germany, will not pay out enough to assure the euro’s survival, and southern European debtors increasingly resent foreigners telling them how to run their lives.

As you were.

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