Democracy: Worst Form of Government Except..

So, Quebeckers have massively rejected  Le Tea Parti Quebecois, in an election result that will send shock waves across the country (and in true Canadian fashion, no one outside the country realizes). Although I might seem a little too happy with that result… well, your parents weren’t actually banned in Quebec.


Let’s hope they confine that odious Secularism Charter to the dustbins of history. Almost three years ago to the day, we talked about this worrying direction Quebec was going in and how no one seemed to be interested in or could stop the van from driving off a very divisive and xenophobic cliff.

Interesting to me is, regarding the issue of reasonable accommodation, his statement that multiculturalism doesn’t work for Quebec (an outcome apparently of the Taylor-Bouchard Commission). I don’t understand this new-found xenophobia sweeping Quebec. If we’ve learned anything from Canada’s 144 year history, which involved the sometime tumultuous balancing of the English-speaking majority vs. the French-speaking minority, its the ultimate evolution of Canada into its present-day state of a culture of acceptance and tolerance was driven by the desire that minority rights be respected; a desire that was fought for by many Quebeckers. Is the shoe now on the proverbial other foot? Theoretically, what does this mean for the kind of country he views a separate Quebec should be, given that the majority will be French-speaking? Are Quebeckers on board with that? Is he?”

Worthwhile Canadian Debate (Apr 12, 2011)

Quebeckers weren’t on board and jumped off that bandwagon. Hurrah.


For some pundit analysis, no one beats the CBC At Issue Panel, anywhere in the world. No hyperbole. Just sweet, sweet pundit goodiness.

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