No Value Added: the Series!

I really like Brian Phillips’ (at Grantland) conception of our opinions of the personalities in sports as avatars in trials by combat. He has a lot of fun admitting to, and then ridiculing this idea:

The problem is that if you’re rooting against Tebow because he’s religious, you’re giving way to the trial-by-combat impulse. And the whole idea of the trial by combat is that there’s a higher power adjudicating the combat. It means something for the blue knight to kill the green knight only if God is moving the swords. So what I, many secular football fans, and Imaginary Daniel Dennett are really rooting for is for God to make Tim Tebow fail as a means of discrediting Himself, God, in accordance with our wishes, and against His, God’s, own interests.

I think this is going to inform how I think about which hockey players I cheer for from now on.

…In other no-value-added news, Erik Loomis redeems himself for generally being my least favourite of the Lawyers Guns and Money bloggers by having what may be the best-titled blog post ever.

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