Three in defense of Don Cherry

It’s not that I like or agree with Don Cherry. I obviously don’t. But, not having a large extended family, I also don’t have one of those crazy uncles that you only meet on Thanksgiving that are ridiculous, but sort of enjoyable to listen to every once in a while. So for me, that crazy uncle is performed by Don Cherry. And he’s there every Saturday that I’m in Canada. That’s worth something. So here are three links in defense of Don Cherry*.

1. Ken Dryden somehow achieves the impossible and defends and even lauds Don Cherry in a piece whose entire thrust is entirely opposite to everything Don Cherry believes or says.

2. No Don Cherry, no Don Cherry piano desk.

3. Don Cherry may have said some questionable stuff in his life, but at least he never compared Chara riding Max Pacioretty into the stanchion to the American Revolution like Boston Bruins commentator (and all around nutjob) Jack Edwards.

*Another Don Cherry observation is that he is one of the candidates for person most known by Canadians while least known by Americans (this is a fun game to play, between any two nationalities, actually. Another possibility is Peter Mansbridge, but I think Terry Fox wins for Canada-USA. I don’t know who has the reverse matchup).

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4 Responses to Three in defense of Don Cherry

  1. Zuuko says:

    this is so off on a tangent but i witnessed the best hockey night in canada drinking game. ppl would take turns doing impressions of cherry. it is way harder than it seems. it isn’t the voice that’s the key, but the manner, the speech patterns, gruffness. the more you try, the harder and funner it becomes. coincidentally, the more drunk u get, the easier it is to mimic cherry.

  2. zolltan says:

    Okay, I just tried this stone sober and it is im-POSS-ible. Damn…

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