Kavanaugh, Priests For Life v. HHS

During the confirmation hearings of Neil Gorsuch, I was a little taken aback by his pompousness and haughty manner of speaking, and my subsequent analysis of his trans-am dissent, lead me to conclude that he is almost certainly a dick.

This time around, seeing how Brett Kavanaugh appeared pretty normal and down to earth, I again took a look at a randomly taken opinion of his, to see if my inklings were on track.

I am proud to say that indeed they were.  His dissent in Priests For Life v. Health and Human Services is truly excellent.  It is simple to understand, the reasoning is clear and goes to the heart of the matter.  It is starkly different from the majority opinion which is convoluted, uses circular and fuzzy logic, leaving you with a “huh?” feeling.

I realize that my sample size is again only 1, and that he did say some eyebrow raising things, (most notably how his thinking about presidential powers magically changed after 911), but overall, it does seem that Kavanaugh will actually be really good.

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1 Response to Kavanaugh, Priests For Life v. HHS

  1. zipppa says:

    Zoltan recently mentioned to me that he thought that character and a abilities of judges was irrelevant as it’s all a political fight anyway and these are just its foot-soldiers. The evidence seems to be mixed. On the one hand they do seem to vote along party lines whenever it matters, but on the other, they agree far more often than disagree.
    To me, the duplicity of the means his opponents are using is in itself evidence of his fitness. For instance Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton took away from the dissent I describe above, that Kavanaugh is a religious nut, but unfortunately their analysis involved straight up lying. This was followed up by allegations of sexual assault, having all the tell-tale signs of being complete bullshit.

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