Patriotism *UPDATED*

Another election for Canada. If the thought of another election has you mulling all that is wrong with Canada’s system of government and the country itself, note that in comparison with our closest neighbours (and my adopted home) our campaigns don’t last a year and a half, we aren’t crazy, and (that site is a goldmine of Canada-boosterism) we have bigger penises. This may be scare tactics talking, but if you don’t want to endanger that second point, perhaps don’t vote conservative*.

As for me, I guess I’ll do as last time: vote-trade with my sister, asking her to vote Bloc and doing her bidding for Western Canada in return.


* Just as a backup of that point, here’s Science Minister Gary Goodyear on evolution.

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4 Responses to Patriotism *UPDATED*

  1. Zuuko says:

    who should i vote for? I used to vote conservative but I can’t stomach the thought anymore. for interests sake, it was the decision to scrap the long-form census that pissed me off the most

  2. zolltan says:

    The decision to scrap the long form census? I dunno much about it. What happened? As for who to vote for, I think the conservatives are pretty good – their government seems reasonably competent and unembarrassing, as does Harper, although they do have the annoying habit of occasionally doing things seemingly out of spite. I just don’t agree with a bunch of their policies, (environment, Libya, fiscal conservatism) and also, this may be petty, but the Tory in my riding was kind of an obvious jerk and a bit of an idiot. Dunno whether they’ll still have him this time around. Hopefully not.

    I could sort of imagine voting for the Grits, too. Ignatieff is at least as smart and composed (and cocky) as Harper, and I like their policies proposals better. Of course the Martinite government was such a complete embarrassment, maybe it’s not time to go back to the one party rule thing too soon. I’m pretty sure my sister and I’ll agree that I should vote Green. Greens might make an awful government, but it’s not like they’re gonna get one, but if they get at least a seat, that’d be nice, so I’m rooting for them. But we’ll see what my sister says.

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