2017 in Review: Quotes Part 1

Here’s the first part of the quotes for this year.

“Think about how diametrically opposed to your own self-interest getting knifed in the nuts and having fractures set without a general would be” —David Foster Wallace, Consider the Lobster

“It was hard not to think of slavery, and not only because of the reminders on every side of big house and slave quarters. So many things in these West Indian territories, I now began to see, speak of slavery. There is slavery in the vegetation. In the sugarcane, brought by Columbus on that second voyage when, to Queen Isabella’s fury, he proposed the enslavement of the Amerindians. In the breadfruit, cheap slave food, three hundred trees of which were taken to St. Vincent by Captain Bligh […] There is slavery in the food, in the saltfish still beloved by the islanders. Slavery in the absence of family life, in the laughter in the cinema at films of German concentration camps, in the fondness for terms of racial abuse, in the physical brutality of strong to weak: nowhere in the world are children beaten as savagely as in the West Indies.” —V.S. Naipaul, The Middle Passage

“On the right, peace is conflated with order; on the left, it is conflated with justice. But peace is a thing in its own right, and the only reason we don’t remember that is that we’ve experienced so little of it.” —Noah Millman

“In this manner, the atmosphere of crisis makes it impossible to hold a regime accountable, because disaster is assumed to be inevitable and therefore cannot be blamed on the regime. Instead, the regime may take credit for the fact that it was prescient enough to see the disaster coming, and for having thought through its implications in advance. Indeed, it may even wind up taking credit for the disaster itself, as being a necessary precursor to something better.” —Noah Millman

“I’ve invented nothing; I’ve simply been the secretary of my sensations” —Emil Cioran

“Vladimir Vilsaint, a witness who said he was on his way to work when he caught the “unbelievable” sight of a bull running loose in the street, also spoke of the animal’s otherwise lawful ways, stating, “But I want to acknowledge that it followed traffic laws by adhering to the one way sign.” “—Bill Chappell in NPR

“I was of three minds,
Like a tree
In which there are three blackbirds.”
—Wallace Stevens, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

“At a hackathon held alongside the Congress, one team created a robotic sex device called Ride the Market, Fuck the System — a fist that vibrates according to fluctuations of the stock market. Its makers say it allows people to “physically experience” economic data.” —a blurb in the New Scientist

“specific phrases suggest a broad world. they provoke the melancholy of knowing that specificity exists everywhere. world-building for the world that exists.” —tumblr user @thesublemon

“I’m always trying to figure out what to say about this god damn song. Part of me wants to say look, it’s about revenge, but as soon as I say that… no, that’s not quite it. Part of me wants to say it’s about the satisfaction of not needing revenge… and i say no, that’s some new age stuff. I think it’s a song about the moment in your quest for revenge when you learn to embrace the futility of it. The moment where you know the thing you want is ridiculous and pompous and a terrible thing to want anyway. The direction in which you’re headed is not the direction you want to go, yet you’re going to head that way a while longer cause that’s just the kind of person you are.” — John Darnielle on Up The Wolves

“Вернулся и говорит: «Там какой-то идиот „АукцЫон” через „ы” написал». Я ответил: «Олег, во-первых, не надо говорить, что это идиот, а во-вторых, это написал я» “—Борис Шавейников о том, откуда произошло имя группы

“The sensayer frowned. “You’re saying you discuss theology while having sex.”

“For beginners it’s before and after mostly, managing it during sex takes skill and concentration. …” “—Ada Palmer, Too Like the Lightning

“After all, even on clichéd phrases, you could hoist true emotion. “—Kiran Desai, The Inheritance of Loss

“There’s only ever been one gift horse
we should’ve looked in the mouth, Troy
said. …”
—Jeremy Dodds, From sun down to the horse under us

“Every time a person without a mask walks by a masked person, they look at each other in mistrust. They mutually judge. They evaluate the other’s condition. The masked one says, “You won’t infect me, you sick animal.” The one without a mask thinks at the same time, “That’s not going to do you any good, you stupid alarmist.” Each, in his or her own way, infects the other with the most common and dangerous virus: human nature.” —Andrés Neuman How to Travel Without Seeing

“I thought to pick
the flower of forgetting
for myself,
but I found it
already growing in his heart.”
—Ono no komachi

“Tu muerte te afectaría profundamente
Jamás podrías recuperarte de tu muerte”
—Óscar Hahn, La muerte es una buena maestra

“It’s hard to tell gifts of the spirit
From clever counterfeits”
—The Mountain Goats, Prowl Great Cain

“It is a great thing to do what is necessary before it becomes unavoidable” —Flann O’Brien

“This is amazing weed,” my father said.
“It’s artisanal,” I said.
“Meaning what?”
“Meaning it’s grown by people who care,” I said.
—Victor Lodato P.E.

“Читая и сличая с жизнью, покажется, что дух общежития и коммунальной квартиры зародился в литературе раньше, чем воплотился наяву, как раз в подобном авторском отношении к сцене: автор в ней коммунальный жилец, сосед, подселенный.” —Андрей Битов, Пушкинский Дом

Исследователь чаще, чем драматург, впадает в заблуждение, что «каждое ружье стреляет». Узнав что-нибудь «новенькое» их ушедшей от нас эпохи, перекувырнувшись от радости, он совершает и некое логическое сальто: начинает, не задумываясь, считать, что то, что он установил с такой убедительностью, с тою же неумолимостью становится фактом, знанием, переживанием участников изучаемого им отрезка процесса. И как бы ни хотел ученый быть объективным, одним последовательным перечислением известных фактов—он уже рисует, даже помимо воли, определенную жизненную картину и расстановку сил в нашем сознании. Но поскольку в этой картине неизбежно отсутствует какая бы то ни было полнота, и, более того, нет никаких оснований утверждать, что факты дошли до нас и исчезли от нас, сохранив подобие и пропорцию действительной когда-то жизни, — то такая «научная» картина так же неизбежно неверна, как, возможно его, Левина, с той разницей, что, не содержа не одной фактической ошибки, «научная» работа узаконивает и впоследствие предписывает всем свою скудость и нищету понимания. —Андрей Битов, Пушкинский Дом

…когда одного нашего видного футбольного тренера спросили, по какой системе намерена играть его команда в некоем ответственном матче, он не без блеска ответил интервьюеру: «по системе Станиславского» —Андрей Битов, Пушкинский Дом

“What overwhelms is not the meaninglessness of the universe but the coexistence of an apparent meaninglessness with the astonishing interconnectedness of things.” —Brian Phillips

“‘My country, right or wrong,’ is a thing that no patriot would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying, ‘My mother, drunk or sober.’ No doubt if a decent man’s mother took to drink he would share her troubles to the last; but to talk as if he would be in a state of gay indifference as to whether his mother took to drink or not is certainly not the language of men who know the great mystery.” —G.K. Chesterton, A Defence of Patriotism

“Толковым не оттого назван словарь, что мог получиться и бестолковым, а оттого, что он слова растолковывает “—В.И. Даль

“The municipal mayor said Wrousis had left a confused impression on the local population: “He told my dog that he had a great haircut,” Ruedi Karre told news portal 24 Minuten.” —the guardian report on the Schaffhausen chainsaw attack

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