Schrödinger’s Cat of State News

Looking at the news out of Russia today required a thorough understanding of quantum mechanics.  It appears that either protests involving 100’s of arrests took place in Moscow and a host of other cities, as Moscow Times or Dozhd’ would have you believe:

Or, no such thing happened, at all, as per the state owned and most widely watched TV news outlet Perviy Kanal:perviy_kanal

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3 Responses to Schrödinger’s Cat of State News

  1. enebeneres says:

    SO, any doubts about what really had happened? C’mon!

    • zipppa says:

      I was just reminded of that scene from “Brazil”, where a bomb goes off inside a restaurant, and their reaction is to put up a screen so that the other patrons can continue dining and pretending that nothing happened.

      • zipppa says:

        Turns out that I’m not the only one who this head in the sand journalism wasn’t lost on. Here’s an article about it.
        According to it, the first mention of the protests on federal news channels was not in any news report, but by a commentator Vladimir Solovyev, who mentioned that it was a “difficult day for Russia” in a monologue at the end of his show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”.
        As of right now, still no mention of anything having happened appears on the Perviy Kanal site., another federal news source has several articles about it. All of them talk about “Protests against corruption”. None mention that the target is Medvedev, none mention the specific accusations that prompted them. For instance this piece which talks about how the protesters demands will not be ignored.

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