2015 in Review: Quotes Part 1

Like 2013 and 2014, 2015 was a year where I wrote some stuff down. Some of that stuff was quotes that I liked, which I now gather here.

Eli: Just so I’m aware, did Leon Trotsky make a laughingstock of his family in front of the entire city?
Leon: It’s only half the city, Eli, the french people don’t care” —The Trotsky

“Lightning stabbed at the earth erratically, like an inefficient assassin” —Terry Pratchett Wyrd Sisters

“People are all we have left. To eat.” —The End Tree doing on-stage banter

“Irony has only emergency use. Carried over time, it is the voice of the trapped who have come to enjoy their cage” —Lewis Hyde, quoted by David Foster Wallace in A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again

“The question isn’t whether Ayn Rand will let you turn her into a girl power icon. It’s whether she can stop you. And she can’t” —Maureen O’Connor on Ayn Rand

“Our dreams are never realised, and as soon as we see them betrayed we realise that the intensest joys of our life have nothing to do with reality. No sooner do we see them betrayed than we are consumed with regret for the time they glowed within us. And in this succession of hopes and regrets our life slips by.” —Natalia Ginzburg Little Virtues

“…there are two kinds of poems. There is the kind you write; there is the kind you talk about in bars. Both kinds have value and both are poems, but it’s fatal to confuse them” —John Crowley Novelty

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the human race” —H.G. Wells quoted in Art Hobson’s physics textbook

“What kind of times are these when
To talk about trees is almost a crime
Because it implies silence about so many horrors”
—Bertolt Brecht

“humor is a good way to reach tweens, Millennials, and the extremely infirm, who can’t be reached through traditional, long-form articles full of well researched, upsetting data.” — Eugene Mirman on joking about the Seattle earthquake

GF: I’m sick of you pretending you’re a detective. We should split up
ME: Good idea. We can cover more ground that way.” —@MatCro on twitter

“There’s a joke about a planet full of people who believe in anti-induction: if the sun has risen every day in the past, then today, we should expect that it won’t. As a result, these people are all starving and living in poverty. Someone visits the planet and tells them, “Hey, why are you still using this anti-induction philosophy? You’re living in horrible poverty!” “Well, it never worked before…” ” —Scott Aaronson Quantum Computing Since Democritus

“Arriving is easy — the hard thing is to disembark” —Stanislaw Lem Eden

“И поговоривши короткое время глупости, мы с ней вскорости женились” —Исаак Бабель Конармия

“Who can say if the last
to climb these stairs
will be journeying
downward or upward”
—Denise Levertov

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