Russia! Hockey! Angry!


There’s a throwaway sentence in Churchill’s auto-biographies on when he witnessed the remnants of the French army after their disaster behind the Maginot Line. It’s along the lines of “it was sad to see a such a proud, warlike and martial race reduced to that…” after observing the shell-shocked French soldiers returning without shoes or clothes. The sentence made it seem like Churchill mourned the loss and gave a sense that the martial vigor wouldn’t necessarily return to France. For the life of me, Google can’t find the sentence, otherwise I would quote it.

That’s how I feel after Russia lost. I want to console a Russian. Zolltan, where are you? Do you want a hug?


When you hear stories of the political interference with Russia’s team – from forcing KHL players into the line-up, incompetent coaches, etc. – it’s clear that Russia didn’t ice the best line-up they could. Prior the fall of the Wall, Canadians would be pissed when our pros couldn’t play in the Olympics but Russia kept sending their “amateurs-in-name-only.” The rules conspired to keep Canada from icing the best line-up.

Russia today shot itself in the foot, or so it seems. Or is that backwards… in Soviet Russia, foot shoots you.


What a game for the women’s hockey gold medal game!

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3 Responses to Russia! Hockey! Angry!

  1. anna says:

    vindy i reeeeeally enjoy your writing, personally i can’t wait for that book…….

  2. zolltan says:

    I feel like you were way ahead of the curve with the Putin – Hitler analogy with this one. Now everyone all the way to Hilary Clinton is doing it.

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