Rob Ford

The Rob Ford scandal is of course endlessly hilarious in itself, but Ken Layne at Gawker (a site that was instrumental in breaking the whole thing) takes advantage of the ubiquity of Rob Ford’s name (did you know he also shares it with an Englishman who fought for Tibetan freedom?) to write a great headline and mostly deservedly make fun of all Canada as insufferable holier-than-thou types. If the Rob Ford scandal helps puncture just a little bit the smug self-image we Canadians have of ourselves, or at least gives pause to American enablers of this image, maybe it can be a good thing for Canada, too.


In news much less likely to bring a smile to your face, reading Ariel Levy recount going to Mongolia is probably worth your time.

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One Response to Rob Ford

  1. Zuuko says:

    dude, do not enable me. i’m so addicted to rob ford stories. omg…

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