Songbook of Days: National Holiday Week

This week has had both Canada Day (which I was in Canada for) and 4th of July (which I was in the US for). It’s time to celebrate good times. Of course, trying to encompass America with a few songs is impossible, nor is it possible to reasonably pay tribute to the musical heritage that brought us jazz, country, roots, blues, bluegrass, r & b, rock and roll and hip hop. If I had to have one song for America, I would use Novella Matveeva’s:

За синими горами, за синими морями
Там разметалась, разлеглась огромная страна
Назвать ее могла бы я одним коротким словом
Да слишком уж большая для этого она.

Or maybe I’d go with “Party in the U.S.A.” But since I don’t have to, I’ll just link to a bunch of America and Canada-related songs willy-nilly:

Mononc’ Serge – Ogunquit
The Strokes – New York City Cops
Low – Canada
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
The Hold Steady – Stuck between Stations
Mara Tremblay & Stefie Shock – L’été Indien
Joni Mitchell – A Case of You
The Stranglers – Big in America
Gordon Lightfoot – Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Mes Aïeux – Dégénérations/Le reel du fossé
Jean Leloup – La Drop Sociale

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