Songbook of days: Christmas *Updated*

Merry Christmas. No reason to stop now…

Tom Waits – Silent Night / Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis*
St. Vincent – Jesus Saves, I spend
Vashti Bunyan – Winter is Blue
Jean Leloup – Hiver
Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
Sufjan Stevens – Sister Winter
Billy’s Band – Chocolate Jesus


*There are several good versions on YouTube. While this one is probably the best, if you’re playing this song for someone who isn’t expecting it, pretty much nothing beats the surprise of the piano flourish followed by Tom Waits’ hoarse voice grunting “Charlie, I’m pregnant!” out of nowhere (on the album version)…

*Update*: I don’t know how I could have possibly forgotten by far and away the greatest Christmas song of all time, and one of the songs that I was envisioning using when I first thought this songbook of days thing would be worth doing… The Pogues and Kristy McColl singing Fairytale of New York. I was an idiot of great proportions to have forgotten it indeed.

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