Party Time

Richard Brautigan

My appearance at the party also involved a cool hat and mustache.

It being Halloween weekend, I went to a party tonight. I also happen to be reading a Brautigan book where he mentions parties. The book (The Tokyo – Montana Express) is great, although I would say it is far from one of Brautigan’s best. But still, I feel I should quote the party skills portion here because this is pretty much how I feel at parties, too.

What I said made absolutely no sense whatsoever and  when I finished nobody asked me to elaborate. A few people said that they needed some more wine and excused themselves to go get some, though I could see that they still had plenty of wine left in their glasses.

I also told everybody that I had seen a moose in my back yard, right outside the kitchen window. Then I did not give any more details. I just stood there staring at them while they waited patiently for me to continue talking about the moose, but that was it. […]

A man I told my moose story to said, “Was that the same moose you told me about yesterday?” I looked a little shocked and then said, “Yes.” The shocked expression slowly changed into one of serene bewilderment.


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