A Girl and A Woman

Already I can anticipate Zolltan’s inevitable post on why Obama is the better candidate. Let me preempt it right here with the following rebuttal.

Are you not convinced? Your move, Zolltan.


I don’t know much about Australian PM Julia Gillard before today. But below is in absolute barnburner of a speech, in which she completely eviscerates her opponent. It is one of the greatest verbal smackdowns I’ve ever seen. A bravura performance of insulting rhetoric and contemptuous prose. I highly encourage everyone to watch.


I wonder why I felt compelled to put these two videos together into one post?

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6 Responses to A Girl and A Woman

  1. vj says:

    Wow, those tits make some good points. Also, why does the email say ‘Commento’? Is that Italian or just a fuck up?

  2. zolltan says:

    Hmm… I couldn’t make it through either video, to be honest. The Romney girl’s voice annoyed me too much, and Julia Gillard claimed to be “deeply personally offended” by something by which she was clearly not deeply personally offended. I mean, that’s the game and all, and she has good points, but I hate people claiming to be offended by things they aren’t offended by (obviously judging by the video, Abbott is a much worse offender in this regard here, but still).

    And, yeah, also have no clue what e-mail Victor’s talking about,

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  4. KJ says:

    I got to 4:47 with tits… I could just tell Z had really wanted me to watch that video. Epic suggestion.

    • zolltan says:

      Aww, you almost made it! I only got to, like, 1:19

      So I went and saw this French movie about prostitution today, and it had Anaïs Demoustier, Joanna Kulig and Juliette Binoche in it. inking of writing a post about it and calling it “Two Girls and a Woman” just to one-up Zuuko… (but can’t figure out what to say about the movie)

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