I kinda want to know what everyone else cares about

And the #1 most important thing right now is…

This has been said many times before, but I am really disliking that even with me scrupulously logging out of any accounts (and in fact using a different browser) before searching or youtubing anything, what my internet tells me is important/popular is what it thinks I want to hear, rather than the truth. Are Pulp shows and the NHL playoffs what everyone else cares about the most right now? Maybe, and if so, awesome. But I kind of doubt it. And if it’s not, customizing search and youtube so that it seems that I’m super in the loop of what is happening is a bad idea. The thing is, I’m also not sure if other news/social media sites have customized their content to “appeal” to me or not and it’s creeping me out. This complaint is, unlike most of my complaints, based not on paranoia but on the fear that I will simply get stuck in a feedback loop of information about a select set of topics. Our tastes are not set in stone to the point where we just want all our biases confirmed. At least, I am strongly against this.

Let’s take politics for example. Suppose there are two simultaneous political scandals, one affecting US Dems and the other the US Repubs. Internet-goers’ perception of “popular reaction” to these scandals will be totally out of whack! And so it will go on until we each live in our own ever more solipsistic worlds totally unable to agree on anything, or even to talk about the same thing.

Boris, if you’re reading this and run into Larry Page or Eric Schmidt in the cafeteria or something, you should, like, tell them.

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One Response to I kinda want to know what everyone else cares about

  1. Zuuko says:

    Yes. Boris should

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