Fisk Bear Deeper

Whoever is making these, you are a genius.

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2 Responses to Fisk Bear Deeper

  1. zolltan says:

    I was with ’em for all the “bruins players are dirty” bits (oh man the McQuaid on Richards thing was hilarious). And the “Jack Edwards is a dumbass” section (you saw the link I put up of Edwards comparing Chara stanchioning Pacioretty to the American Revolution, right?) And the “vintage Bure scoring on breakaways” part.

    But still don’t get what’s wrong with Thomas being a tea partier. And then the juxtaposing of riot scenes with the rapping, oh that’s real subtle. So, overall, dunno.

  2. Zuuko says:

    Don’t get the riot scenes in Boston one either. I guess what they’re trying to say is: “Boston, don’t act like your farts don’t stink.” But, meh… that part was a bit much.

    On Tim Thomas, we’re going to have to disagree. For the record, there is nothing wrong with Tim Thomas being a tea partier or holding the views that he does. In fact, focusing on what people’s political views are (right or left or bisexual…) is missing the point.

    This is what I would say to Tim Thomas: suck it up, buttercup. Tim Thomas’s actions open up a whole can of worms. So, lets take his actions to their logical extremes: so Tim Thomas is only going to participate in company events where the non-Bruins organization participants must share his political views. That is a completely preposterous notion and should be quashed immediately.

    I mean, you should get this. Isn’t this pretty much one of the logical outcomes of your post on the culture warification of everthing?

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