Mind's Eye Clouded

Mind's Eye Clouded

When I was 15 years old and the FIFA World Cup final was being played between France and Brazil, I had a strange premonition at the start of the match. France would win 3-0. It was weird. My rational self argued that it is not possible to guess a result as precise as that. France winning as the underdog? Sure. Brazil maybe being shutout? Why not? As I was watching that match, I couldn’t shake the certainty that France would win and would win exactly 3-0. When the premonition became reality, I began to freak out.

I’ve had a couple of premonitions since then. An indescribable feeling that I’m privy to the strange mysteries of fate and destiny. They always turn out to be true. Keep in mind that this happens maybe once every three to five years, but each time I can tell the difference that this guess is not “What if?” but “What will be.” I am not a superstitious person by nature, nor do I believe prayers, wishful thinking or hopes actually affect the outcome. My rational self can only conclude that these guesses are fairly common, that everyone has calculated the odds, that sometimes the improbable result is pinpointed by most people. And, when that result actually happens, people have a tendency to ascribe foresight and 20/20 vision to the Third Eye after the fact. I mean, I can’t see the future right? Of course not.


It happened again. Twice this time and within two months. Before the playoffs started, I had a strange vision of Luongo hosting the Cup after a Game 7 victory. Before the final round of the Stanley Cup Finals started, I had another strange vision that Boston would win the Cup.

This is something new. Two dueling premonitions? That’s never happened before. Both feelings are equally strong. The future is clouded.


As an aside, Mind’s Eye Clouded is a good band name, no?

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One Response to Premonitions

  1. zolltan says:

    Sure, Third Eye Blind thought so too…

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