How to Name Your Band

I name this band ... Boris! Oh, wait, that's already taken

Three points.

1. All the names, good and bad, are already taken. My friend started a band called the Joint Chiefs of Math, which, considering they weren’t even in the States sounds ridiculously obscure, only to find that such a band already existed – and they were pretty good, so that apparently (I dunno, though), everyone who knew of my friend’s band’s predicament referred to the other band as the real Joint Chiefs of Math.

2. Your band name is pretty irrelevant. I think I only went to see a band because I liked the name once. The band was A Gun that Shoots Knives. This is roughly what they were like.

3. That said, do not ever, ever name your band “Hapi Trailz.” An internet acquaintance of mine was in a band called that and… just don’t, okay? It’s the worst band name of all time.

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One Response to How to Name Your Band

  1. Zuuko says:

    A gun that shoots knives is good band name. but that video was seriously on acid. like wtf?

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