With great power comes great fuck all

…at least, for some people.

I know it’s almost a year old, but I was reading and really loving Devin Friedman’s fantastic and hilarious profile of Berlusconi, The Mussolini of Ass. Here he is, for instance, describing Berlusconi’s appeal:

You can be that penis, Italy. You don’t have to pretend to be young or virile or world-beating; you can just be you, an aging, graying, stagnating nation, and still thrive in the world of fun.

As they say, read the whole thing.

And I used to think it didn’t at all, but this shows why the private life of politicians sorta matters. It’s not that you should care whether about Berlusconi’s escapades for some moral reason. The point Friedman makes is not that Berlusconi’s immoral but that he is completely unserious, and that he is completely unserious about his job. I’m not saying that that means he must resign, but I could see how that would be relevant information. Also, the picture is pretty sweet.

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