Why am I doing this again? oh yeah…

I figure my inaugural post should set the stage for why I’m blogging.  The reason is very simple: to track the random thoughts that stream through my consciousness.

The streams that motivate me to write stem mainly from my reflections on capital, hockey, politics and food (not necessarily in that order).  These streams are usually triggered by my memories of running my own restaurant, or 3.5 years of investment banking, or my 1 year off work travelling, or my current experiences managing an impossibly large sum of capital which I can’t believe has been placed in my care.  These streams of thought usually last a few weeks in my head during which I will incessantly pour over an issue from all angles.  Over the course of this process, I usually can neither pinpoint the beginning of my journey nor foresee the destination from whatever fork in the road (of my mind) I happen to be standing on at any particular moment.  I’m hoping blogging can at least function as my version of a long rope that helps one keep track in a maze.

More specifically, these streams usually look at any particular issue from the perspective of one of my core beliefs, which is really more of a conjecture than anything else. Wikipedia helpfully defines this as “a proposition that is unproven but appears correct and has not been disproven.” 1

This conjecture is something that I have believed in for most of my adult life, the essence of which has been continually proven over the past two decades. It has been hard for me to explain and so I was quite happy when I stumbled over another blog post by random which eloquently put into words my one truth. I quote in full and I hope Equity Private does not mind if I quote in full:

“I’ve put together this convenient table to explain my new (and horribly disillusioned) position.

Group/Individual: Belief

Confucius: Man basically good.  (Significant evidence during the brutal warlord infighting of the Chou Dynasty to the contrary notwithstanding).
Rousseau: Man basically good (“Noble Savage”).  Society makes man evil.  Widespread peasantry is the ideal state.
Scientologists: Man basically good, but the machinations of certain evil aliens long ago complicate matters.
Kierkegaard: Man is impossible to classify.
Puritans: Man is basically evil.  Fire purifies.  (Though this is hard to compute given how deeply carbon stains).
Baptists: Man is plagued by total, hereditary depravity.
Equity Private: Man is basically lazy.  Innovative and complex incentive and disincentive structures must be continually created and refined to compel any desirable behavior (including the absence self-destructive behavior).  Excessive gaming of the system will be employed at every opportunity to avoid doing anything resembling work.” 2

In case you can’t figure it out, its the last one you moron.  Also, I like to swear.  Be prepared for that in these posts.

My partner in crime is zolltan.  I’m not sure what the hell he’s going to be blogging about, but I think its in the same vein.

Right, zolltan? Zolltan?… Zolltan? Beuller?


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conjecture

2. http://equityprivate.typepad.com/ep/2006/04/kierkegaard_sci.html

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